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89. The Effect of Specific Sling  Exercises on the Functional Movement Screen Score in Adolescent  Volleyball Players: A Preliminary Study. [READ ARTICLE]

88. An analysis on muscle tone and stiffness during sling exercise on static prone position. [READ ARTICLE]

87. The effect of sling exercise on sagittal lumbosacral angle and intervertebral disc area of chronic low back pain patients. [READ ARTICLE]

86. Three-dimensional scapular  kinematics during open and closed kinetic chain movements in  asymptomatic and symptomatic subjects. [READ ARTICLE]

85. The change of pain and  lumbosacral sagittal alignment after sling exercise therapy for patients  with chronic low back pain. [READ ARTICLE]

84.  Effect of Sling Exercise Training on Balance in Patients with Stroke: A Meta-Analysis. [READ ARTICLE]

83.  The effects of performing a one-legged bridge  with hip abduction and use of a sling on trunk and lower extremity  muscle activation in healthy adults. [READ ARTICLE]

82.   Effects of lumbopelvic sling and abdominal drawing-in exercises on lung capacity in healthy adults. [READ ARTICLE]

81.  Effects of Sling Exercise on Flexibility, Balance Ability, Body Form, and Pain in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain. [READ ARTICLE]

80.  The effect of exercise intervention on frail  elderly in need of care: halfday program in a senior day-care service  facility specializing in functional training. [READ ARTICLE]

79.  Sling Suspension Therapy Utilization in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation. [READ ARTICLE]

78.   The effect of peculiar complex core balance training on isokinetic muscle functions of the knee and lumbus. [READ ARTICLE]

77.  Muscle Activation of Vastus Medialis Oblique and  Vastus Lateralis in Sling-Based Exercises in Patients with  Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: A CrossOver Study. [READ ARTICLE]

76.  Effects of Sling Bridge Exercise with Rhythmic  Stabilization Technique on Trunk Muscle Endurance and Flexibility in  Adolescents with Low Back Pain. [READ ARTICLE]

75. The effect of sling exercise on muscular strength  and range of motion in female patients who received Total Knee  Replacement. [READ ARTICLE]

74. Effect of core muscle thickness and static or  dynamic balance on prone bridge exercise with sling by shoulder joint  angle in healthy adults. [READ ARTICLE]

73. Comparison of physical function according to the  lumbar movement method of stabilizing a patient with chronic low back  pain. [READ ARTICLE]

72.  Effects of complex manual therapy on PTSD, pain,  function, and balance of male torture survivors with chronic low back  pain. [READ ARTICLE]

71.  The effect of six weeks of sling exercise  training on trunk muscular strength and endurance for clients with low  back pain. [READ ARTICLE]

70.  Using ultrasound to assess the thickness of the transversus abdominis in a sling exercise. [READ ARTICLE]

69.  The effects of respiratory muscle strengthening exercise using a sling on the amount of respiration. [READ ARTICLE]

68.  Effects of bridge exercise on trunk core muscle  activity with respect to sling height and hip joint abduction and  adduction. [READ ARTICLE]

67.  The effects of a neck musculoskeletal  intervention on neck pain levels and depression in post-traumatic stress  disorder patients. [READ ARTICLE]

66.  Effects of the Neurac® technique in patients with acute-phase subacromial impingement syndrome. [READ ARTICLE]

65.  Clinical feasibility of cervical exercise to  improve neck pain, body function, and psychosocial factors in patients  with post-traumatic stress disorder: a randomized controlled trial. [READ ARTICLE]

64.  The effect of Neurac training in patients with chronic neck pain. [READ ARTICLE]

63.  The effect of active core exercise on fitness and foot pressure in Taekwondo club students. [READ ARTICLE]

62.  Effects of hip exercises for chronic low-back pain patients with lumbar instability. [READ ARTICLE]

61.  Effect of the long-term care prevention project on the motor functions and daily life activities of the elderly. [READ ARTICLE]

60.  Effects of closed chain exercises for the lumbar  region performed with location vibration applied to an unstable support  surface on the thickness and length of the tranverse abdominis. [READ ARTICLE]

59.  The effects of a bridge exercise with vibration training and an unstable base of support on lumbar stabilization. [READ ARTICLE]

58.  Effect of the Push-up Plus (PUP) Exercise at Different Shoulder Rotation Angles on Shoulder Muscle Activities. [READ ARTICLE]

57.  Effects of Thoracic Mobilization and Manipulation on Function and Mental State in Chronic Lower Back Pain. [READ ARTICLE]

56.  Effect of the Shoulder Flexion Angle in the  Sagittal Plane on the Muscle Activities of the Upper Extremities when  Performing Push-up plus Exercises on an Unstable Surface. [READ ARTICLE]

55.  Effects of Open and Closed Kinetic Chains of  Sling Exercise Therapy on the Muscle Activity of the Vastus Medialis  Oblique and Vastus Lateralis. [READ ARTICLE]

54.  Effectiveness of sling exercise for chronic low back pain: a systematic review. [READ ARTICLE]

53.  Effect of Vibration Frequency on Serratus  Anterior Muscle Activity during Performance of the Push-up Plus with a  Redcord Sling. [READ ARTICLE]

52.  Muscular activities during sling- and ground-based push-up exercise. [READ ARTICLE]

51.  Effect of Weight-bearing Therapeutic Exercise on  the Q-angle and Muscle Activity Onset Times of Elite Athletes with  Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: A Randomized Controlled Trial. [READ ARTICLE]

50.  Sling Exercise for Chronic Low Back Pain: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. [READ ARTICLE]

49.  Comparison of Upper Trapezius, Anterior Deltoid,  and Serratus Anterior Muscle Activity during Pushup plus Exercise on  Slings and a Stable Surface. [READ ARTICLE]

48.  Effects of Sling Exercise Therapy on Trunk Muscle Activation and Balance in Chronic Hemiplegic Patients. [READ ARTICLE]

47.  Shoulder muscle activation levels during four closed kinetic chain exercises with and without Redcord slings. [READ ARTICLE]

46.  Effects of integrating hip movements into bridge  exercises on electromyographic activities of selected trunk muscles in  healthy individuals. [READ ARTICLE]

45.  The Effect of Trunk Stabilization Exercises Using a Sling on the Balance of Patients with Hemiplegia. [READ ARTICLE]

44.  Effects of Push-ups Plus Sling Exercise on Muscle  Activation and Cross-sectional Area of the Multifidus Muscle in  Patients with Low Back Pain. [READ ARTICLE]

43.  The Effects of Vibration Stimuli Applied to the Shoulder Joint on the Activity of the Muscles Around the Shoulder Joint. [READ ARTICLE]

42.  Effects of Bridging Exercise on Different Support Surfaces on the Transverse Abdominis. [READ ARTICLE]

41.  The Effects of Sling Exercise Using Vibration on Trunk Muscle Activities of Healthy Adults. [READ ARTICLE]

40.  The Effect of the Neurac Sling Exercise on  Postural Balance Adjustment and Muscular Response Patterns in Chronic  Low Back Pain Patients. [READ ARTICLE]

39.  The Effects of Sling Bridging Exercise to Pain Scale and Trunk Muscle Activity in Low Back Pain Patients. [READ ARTICLE]

38.  Core Strength Training Using a Combination of  Home Exercises and a Dynamic Sling System for the Management of Low Back  Pain in Pre-professional Ballet Dancers. [READ ARTICLE]

37.  The Effects of Changes in Hand Position on the  Electromyographic Activities of the Shoulder Stabilizer Muscles during  Push-up Plus Exercises on Unstable Surfaces. [READ ARTICLE]

36.  Radiographic Imaging Analysis after Sling Exercises for Hemiplegic Shoulder Subluxation. [READ ARTICLE]

35.  The Effect of Core Stabilization Exercises Using a  Sling on Pain and Muscle Strength of Patients with Chronic Low Back  Pain. [READ ARTICLE]

34.  Effect of core stability exercises on feed-forward activation of deep abdominal muscles in chronic low back pain. [READ ARTICLE]

33.  Comparison of trunk muscle activity during bridging exercises using a sling in patients with low back pain. [READ ARTICLE]

32.  The effect of traditional bridging or  suspension-exercise bridging on lateral abdominal thickness in  individuals with low back pain. [READ ARTICLE]

31.  Knee-extension exercise’s lack of immediate  effect on maximal voluntary quadriceps torque and activation in  individuals with anterior knee pain. [READ ARTICLE]

30.  Effects of sling exercise and McKenzie exercise  program on neck disability, pain, muscle strength and range of motion in  chronic neck pain. [READ ARTICLE]

29.  Sling Exercise and Traditional Warm-Up Have Similar Effects on the Velocity and Accuracy of Throwing. [READ ARTICLE]

28.  The effectiveness of traditional and sling exercise strength training in novice women. (PART 1) [READ ARTICLE]

27.  The effectiveness of traditional and sling exercise strength training in novice women. (PART 2) [READ ARTICLE]

26.  Effect of core stability training on throwing velocity in female handball players. [READ ARTICLE]

25.  The Effects of Resistivity and Stability-Combined  Exercise for Lumbar Muscles on Strength, Cross-Sectional Area and  Balance Ability: Exercises for Prevention of Lower Back Pain. [READ ARTICLE]

24.  A Multimodal Treatment Approach Using Spinal  Decompression via SpineMED, Flexion-Distraction Mobilization of the  Cervical Spine, and Cervical Stabilization Exercises for the Treatment  of Cervical Radiculopathy. [READ ARTICLE]

23.  Reduced force steadiness in women with neck pain and the effect of short term vibration. [READ ARTICLE]

22.  Differences in transverse abdominis activation with stable and unstable bridging exercises in individuals with low back. [READ ARTICLE]

21.  The Efficacy of Spinal Decompression via DRX3000  combined with a Spinal Mobilization and a Lumbar Stabilization Exercise  Program for Patients with Discogenic Low Back Pain. [READ ARTICLE]

20.  Motor Control Exercises, Sling Exercises, and  General Exercises for Patients With Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomized  Controlled Trial With 1-Year Follow-up. [READ ARTICLE]

19.  Abdominal muscle contraction thickness and  function after specific and general exercises: A randomized controlled  trial in chronic low back pain patients. [READ ARTICLE]

18.  Neurac – a treatment method for long-term musculoskeletal pain. [READ ARTICLE]

17.  Stability training of the lumbo-pelvo-hip complex influence stiffness of the hamstrings: a preliminary study. [READ ARTICLE]

16.  Closed-kinetic chain upper-body training improved throwing performance of NCAA Division 1 Softball players. [READ ARTICLE]

15.  A Unique Core Stability Training Program Improves Throwing Velocity in Female High School Athletes. [READ ARTICLE]

14.  Neuromuscular Training In Pain Management. [READ ARTICLE]

13.  The effects of sensorimotor training on knee  proprioception and function for patients with knee osteoarthritis: a  preliminary report. [READ ARTICLE]

12.  The Effects of a Worksite Neuromuscular Activation Program on Sick Leave. [READ ARTICLE]

11.  A randomized study of new sling exercise  treatment vs traditional physiotherapy for patients with chronic  whiplash-associated disorders with unsettled compensation claims. [READ ARTICLE]

10.  Sling Exercise Training improves balance, kicking velocity and torso stabilization strength in elite soccer players. [READ ARTICLE]

9.  Effects of Sling Exercise Training on maximal clubhead velocity in junior golfers. [READ ARTICLE]

8.  The effect and experiences by implementing the sling training concept ”S-E-T Corporate” in Norwegian IA companies. [READ ARTICLE]

7.  The Efficacy of a Treatment Program Focusing on  Specific Stabilizing Exercises for Pelvic Girdle Pain After Pregnancy. A  Randomized Controlled Trial. [READ ARTICLE]

6.  The Efficacy of a Treatment Program Focusing on  Specific Stabilizing Exercises for Pelvic Girdle Pain After Pregnancy. A  Two-Year Follow-up of a Randomized Clinical Trial. [READ ARTICLE]

5.  Active rehabilitation and training of the elderly. [READ ARTICLE]

4.  Sling Exercise Therapy S-E-T. A concept for active treatment and training ailments in the musculoskeletal apparatus. [READ ARTICLE]

3.  The effect of regular exercise on absenteeism due to illness. [READ ARTICLE]

2.  Musculoskeletal disorders and physical activity. Results of a long-term study. [READ ARTICLE]

1.  Effect on sick leave due to low back pain. A randomized, comparative, long-term study. [READ ARTICLE]
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